Monday, December 19, 2005

Nicky Butt is going to Hell

Who is Nicky Butt?

Ms Butt is leading a crusade against Victoria Avenue School, and their tradition of saying the Lord's Prayer prior to the school assembly. In fact she's taking the school to the Human Rights Commission.

Now the school has offered to remove her 7 year old daughter from the school assembly - but NO that will not do - I cant have my daugher marginalised at such a young age she bleets. (Like having a mother taking the school to the Human Rights Comission wouldnt do a slap up job of that anyway).

"I'd rather have her roast in hell", she said... ok she didnt say that.... but she might has well have.

And to top it off her daugher is leaving the school this year, so she really just wants to stuff it up for everyone left behind!

The article is here.

Now I'm an agnostic, and if there's one thing an agnostic knows - it's that you never really know. Basically we're a bunch of fence sitters. And you know - I really liked saying the Lords Prayer at school - it was a great tradition. Our school also had a great tradition of singing. It really raised the hairs on the back of your neck when we sang the old hymns like "Exodus". Tradition is good goddammit.

So while sitting on my white picket fence I can say that..

A) If there is a GOD then saying the Lord's prayer isnt going to do you any harm
B) If there isn't a GOD then saying the Lord's Prayer isnt going to do any harm


C) If there is a GOD and he is a vengeful GOD I wouldnt want to be Nicky Butt - no buts about that at all :)

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