Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I know no famous people

Toni Marsh - yeah right
Nicki Watson - someone I knew saw her on the street - does that count?
Paul Holmes?
Judy Bailey? - Wait they're not famous anymore!

Hey - Auckland isnt that big - surely I should statistically know someone who's famous?

And the list of people continues... and this is why I should stop buying Lotto tickets.

Jake the Muzz ? Isnt he in Guatemala?
Marty Devlin/Marcus Lush or Michael Laws -

You would think that as small as Auckland is, with it's one corner diary and fish and chip shop, I would know someone, but I'll have to accept one degree of separation from the ONLY decent thing about Shortland Street - the multi-talented Angela Bloomfield.

Eat your hearts' out commoners :)

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