Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another good reason to live in Dunedin

Not that anyone would need another reason to move here but....

Just look at the masses taking to the streets in a mad rush to get the last sale bargain. I tell you Dunedinites don't seem to appreciate what they've got. I'm told by locals it's chaos out there!

On a more distressing note look at what happens if you disobey the strict instructions not to drink the water in Central Otago. Tumour Boy and Scrabble Queen look beyong help in this PXT sent to me a few days ago. Bottled water kiddies - bottled water!!!!!

One hates to think that at this very moment, they are sitting on the veranda of their log cabin. Scrabble Queen picking a banjo whilst Tumorboy does some whit'ln with a giant bowie knife.

(cue music from Deliverance)

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