Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bloody Harry Potter

This story was in a link from my previous post - and I found it here on the Herald site as well!

Please - he is a fictional character -say it slowly with me - a fict-sion-al character.

From the article...

Harry Potter has cast a protective spell over accident-prone children, doctors claim today.

Despite his enthusiasm for Quidditch and jet-powered broomsticks, the youthful wizard appears to have had a benign effect on his fans, researchers have found.

Idiots - pretending to be doctors, noted that children who were reading Harry Potter books had less accidents than those who weren't reading the books. Its seems that during the release of the latest Harry Potter book less injuries were reported (except maybe eyestrain?).

Bad science - bad bad science. I knocked up a research study on the effect of SLEEP on children, and have come to the conclusion that during the time children sleep they have fewer injuries than when awake and playing with pit bull terriers on "speed".

Surprisingly, fewer deaths as well.

When I was at school, i was told the best way to disprove an hypothesis was to to design an experiment to prove your hypothesis wrong. If you couldn't get that experiment to work then chances are you might be on the right track. I was informed by a scientist that this no longer happens - perhaps because scientists no longer think, and would rather just spend money trying to find something sexy that will end up in the mass media.

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