Thursday, April 29, 2010

Always a woman

I haven't heard this in ages. I remember borrowing this album when it first came out.
Shitty stereo, on vinyl, I played it to death. The thing I remember now is that I know the lyrics to every single song on "The Stranger" - I wonder in the age of the mp3 how common this is now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Addiction needs a pacifier

GRRR moments;
1) One thousand three hundred emails upon my return to work.
2) I forgot that TODAY was my birthday day off - not yesterday.
3) Looked up at the clock expecting midday - it was 10 AM !!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moving along.

I was trying to explain something to Niamh the other night.

I had an occasion to stand near the front of the ship in front during a beautiful sunset. I was alone, surrounded by and endless sea. As the sun set in its brilliance, the wind dropped I waited for an epiphany that... just.... didn't....come.

It was a waste of a perfect moment.... What I really needed was something like this :)

I see the universe.
I see the patterns.
I see the foreshadowing that precedes every moment of every day.
A part of me swims in the stream.
But in truth, I'm standing on the shore.
The current never takes me downstream

But nope - nothing... I hate it when life does that!

Random thoughts

I hate that when you see someone asking for money on the street, you immediately check run mental check to see if you're being conned. I hate that people can take advantage of others good will, to a point where we now think twice before offering our fellow man a helping hand.

I feel for parents who have young children on planes that misbehave prior to take-off and landings. I know it's often because they have to sit in their own seats and not Mum and Dad's knee; or that they're probably overtired and tantrum friendly. Still, all that aside I wish they could just stick them with an epi-needle and knock the screaming shits out.

I'm glad that after a stressful day in a foreign country, when you're hungry and confused with the new currency, you can walk into a McDonalds and feel at home again.

I'm disturbed that the loss of hair on your head doesn't automatically exclude ear or back hair as well.

I'm happy Walmart shoppers aren't always the same as they're perceived in the popular media.

I love it when you're expecting the third degree from custom and border security, and they meet you with a real smile and cheery disposition.

I really love it that I got in and out of Hawaii without getting fingerprinted or retinal scanned. I understand why, but I really believe you should be a criminal before being treated like one. But after you've proven to have committed a criminal act in a court of law - totally different story - go to town!

I hate how much you miss home, until you actually arrive back.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm back after a 12 hour flight from Hawaii, and suddenly I'm in a New York state of mind...

No work tomorrow - it's my birthday "day off".

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I know it's overly sensitive of me, but I hate it when I see people reading a magazine from cover to cover, only putting it down only to pick another.

I know it might upset the balance of our delicate earth's ecosystem, but I'm wondering if the world wouldn't be a little bit better off without people always trying to get something for nothing.....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time waits for no man

There's nothing worse than waiting for an email that may never come.

Expect perhaps having to pay 75cents/minute for the privilege :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgive me :)

Sorry Niamh.

In any relationship, you're bound to slip at times, especially when apart over great distances.

Plus it's never cheating when you're not in the same zip code, let alone the same hemisphere - right?

And the Margarita's were divine, so that makes it OK - doesn't it ?

Love Markie x


The act of unfriending is a new social trend we all eventually have to learn if we're a Facebook user. Although the results are always the same, the reasons for unfriending are not always as simple as they first appear to be.

Facebook is an interesting social media machine; some people use it to collect as many "friends" as possible while others keep their social media connections to those they would truly call friends. I struggle when it comes to ignoring friend requests - simply put it's not polite to not extend your hand in friendship, but to do so to someone who has over 500 friends seems easier - after all, don't they have enough already?

I have less than 60 friends. Some are workmates, others are social friends, none are for status. In my time I have only unfriended two Facebook friends - for entirely different reasons.

The first was in my early days of Facebook. I got a request from a girl who seemed to know me very well - but for the life of me I couldn't place her photo in her profile. Curiosity won me over and I accepted her friend request, only to find she was a friends sister. Her hedonistic lifestyle eventually got to me; she continually whined about her lot in life, at the same time only too willing to bankrupt her doting parents by getting them to pay for everything, including the very house she lived in. Unfriending her was a simple act - I just didn't like her.

The last act of unfriending was driven solely by self preservation. After accepting the friendship connection I realized that very post on her page was a reminder of a life I could not be connected to; a constant prompting that, for whatever reason, any love we shared could not be overcome to create change. In a way it provided a deeper understanding that my love for her simply wasn't enough. Contrary to any opposing view I needed to accept that - but in a way her Facebook posts were a consistent painful reminder of that fact. It was unhealthy, and for completely different reasons unfriending was again a simple act. Although in this instance she still haunts me every single day.

I look at my Facebook inbox today and I see a request from a prominent Korean businessman, who has serious financial connections to my aunt: I think I've met him once. My dilemma; should I accept a request from someone who I don't know very well, yet may take my snub personally enough to impact on his business deals with my aunt. His request hovers in my inbox, neither accepted or denied. If only life were always that simple.

Inaction often seems simpler, yet achieves nothing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Northern Exposure

Moorea Bungalow $950 USD a night - breakfast not included

At 2am this morning we silently passed over the equator. When we woke this morning I reacquainted myself with the northern hemisphere. By 10am we had already sighted the Christmas Islands, ironically named as it was incredibly hot outside, not incredibly wet like most Dunedin Christmas's I have experienced over the years.

As my cruise reaches it's end I'm both happy and sad. Happy because I'm starting to get to that period in any holiday when you get sick of being on holiday - perhaps not holidays in general - just the one you're on at the moment. If I was mega rich I'd always make a plan to take a holiday in the middle of my holiday before going back to my original holiday. By doing that both holidays would always be fresh and interesting; you wouldn't notice the twenty track CD in the dining room was constantly on repeat, and as a result wanting to drown yourself in the breakfast oatmeal to the dulcet tune of "suicide is painless", or as it's otherwise known name "The theme to MASH".

I still subscribe to the whole doing less, achieves more fun theory. Right now I'm once again in the ships library, reclining in a nice leather chair (fully clothed IG). I watch the day pass with the waves as we steer toward the Hawaiian Islands at a leisurely 16 knots. I of course have nothing to do but watch the majesty unfold - and unfold it does.

Just yesterday I won BINGO, but had to share my $84 with some chick from Australia because she called it at the same time. When I announced I was from New Zealand I got a huge cheer - perhaps because there were a few Kiwi's there, perhaps because I was wearing shorts - I am unclear which.

Tonight I have to attend a stag do for someone who's been married 30 years. Such are the complexities of shipboard life. Everyday they plead for people to attend the Jammers nightclub, but as it doesn't open until 9pm, most people are in bed. I would go, but the bar staff always burst into tears when I arrive - realizing that no one else will be attending. I always buy at least three drinks so the gratuity payments (automatically added) pay their wages for the night. I kid. Well kinda.

Gratuity is a funny concept, nope, on second thought I fuck'n hate it. Australian and New Zealander's don't tip. It's not that we're cheap - it's just that it's not in our culture. When you get good service you return to that restaurant; you tell your friends. That's how it works here. We discovered 3 days in to our journey that we were all being charged $11 per day as a flat gratuity fee - this on top of a 10% gratuity fee on all our drinks. As this was an optional service the next day there was a massive line to the pursers desk by irate Oz and Kiwi passengers getting the charges removed. Princess Lines are planning to add the charge to all fares in the future so you know what you're in for. Frankly I think it's wise - often those who travel from this neck of the woods aren't super wealthy, for some it's a trip of a lifetime.
Pet stingrays on Moorea motu. Brilliant!

I had to smirk the other day; like in the days of Titanic, there still remains a class structure on a cruise - even if it's self imposed. People at our dinner seating decided to treat themselves to something called "The Captains Sanctuary". For a nominal fee of $15 per person you can book time in a remote part of the ship with a full luxury service - food, shade, own bar staff etc. Thing was, when they went to book they found all the spaces were pre-booked by the more wealthy clientele - when they wandered by later that day they found no one there. One way to keep the commoners out I suppose :)

So today is my birthday here - I have duct-taped my Mums mouth shut, and she's under a penalty of death should she make a fuss. I just want to get away from it all and switch off. Surrounded by over 1300 people it's a bit tough. Still in the library at least everyone has to keep their gobs shut. Blessed silence.

Finally : I've been wondering.. do you "Love the ones you Miss", or "Miss the ones you Love". I've been thinking the latter.

What about you guys?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Low shoulder - through the trees

Liked this in a movie -hope it translates in Youtube, as my connection is too slow to view.

Anyway - enjoy (hopefully) :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bah! Birthdays!

I never liked birthdays. I think I may have mentioned that, for me, they're a measurement of progress; a time to take stock of certain things.
It's a waste of time, i know, but we are all wired a certain way.
Sometimes it can be a huge distraction; forever pulling me back to the same place to be measured against a standard that is continually changing; I can never win.

In my mind there were some things I wanted to have sorted by the 17th. The irony is that I can now only recall the things still outstanding. My life coach continually tells me I'm very perceptive; I'm thinking it's a curse of sorts, I often wish I was oblivious and unaware.

The risk of continually looking for answers, are getting some I suppose.

I once read a science fiction story where one of the sub-characters had a elective surgery procedure where he was left perpetually happy, not caring about any outcomes of life. Best decision he ever made he claimed - but there's the rub - He'd say that anyway.

Blissfully unaware, blissfully happy. I wonder if I could let it all go. I'm haunted by a memory of what life could offer, and what yet may be.

Another year: Still searching, still measuring, still learning.

I dunno - maybe it's a good thing after all. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just to say

So, if someone says "You know I love you - right?"

Does that mean they love you, or simply that you should know that they do, without them actually having to say it.

Just wondering....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

You can checkout anytime you want

As big as this ship is, I've actually been thinking; "How big is big enough?"
A week into my cruise and for the last three nights I've avoided the main dining hall; partly because of the people at my table, but mostly because I'm sick of the good food.
Discovering what you do and don't want to eat becomes more difficult as the cruise goes on - I'm thinking it's because you cant actually make anything for yourself, instead relying on others to read your mind EXACTLY.

I also miss my guitar and internet connection. I'm also thinking this may be more pertinent as time goes on. The heart wants what the heart wants, and doubly so if it cant have it.

A cruise ship is indeed like a floating hotel - but a hotel you cant really leave - at least not without getting very wet, or more importantly very drowned. Themes of "Hotel California" aside I believe that to enjoy the experience you have to make it less of one.

By this I mean, don't attempt to make the most of everything. Be lazy - potter about your cabin - don't feel you have to attend a lecture on Polynesia or Ceramic painting. Avoid the Bingo and the Bean bag Boulle - by all means lie in you cot and star at the ceiling - I will keep you sane when every one around you has slowly gone mad. [Note: This may have actually happened, given the behavior of some of the other passengers.]

I feel the ultimate day in a 'round the world' journey would start with a decent lie in, followed by bugger all else.

So - am I enjoying it ? The resounding answer so far is YES; but important in all this is never having to justify why - You just have to discover the reasons yourself.

Come join us - we are programmed to receive. :)

Friday, April 09, 2010


Although I can often focus on the things that irritate the hell out of me - I must admit I'm enjoying the change of view, pace, and space.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to do this, as left to my own devices I'm sure I would have never taken the time to explore traveling this way.

So would I recommend this sort of touring?

Give me a few more days and I'll give you my verdict :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yikes !

Formal night tonight.

Hope I scrub up well. It's been a while....

Just hoping "they" don't look down on me :)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Food fight!!!!!

I now have definitive proof to the unanswered question; “Why are we alone in the Universe?”.

I should point out that I do not make this claim lightly. I have thought about this for almost an hour now, but unlike most of my fleeting thoughts - I still believe I am right in this.

Like most epiphanies, this though can in the most unlikely of places - the Lido deck of the cruise liner Dawn Princess.

I currently sit in the antithesis of the Lido deck. In the ships library there are still rules of etiquette to follow. Silence is golden, no one is chewing their cud, and the smell of old books fill the air. I feel the last vestige civilization surrounds me; a bastion of books to keep away the marauding horde of sheep - nay cows - shuffling between the pool deck and the food troughs.

God - I loathe crowds. Every day I find an area of the ship bereft of as many people as possible. Here, with nothing but deep blue ocean surrounding me I attain a small measure of self - disconnected. Here I understand concepts of “Far from the Maddening Crowd”, and “An Island to One’s self”; but at the same time I realize it’s always on my terms.

Breakfast and lunch offer two alternatives. You can either be served, or serve yourself.

Opting to be served avoids the crowds, and the fiercely pitched battles over table spaces, but inevitably has a downside - you never know who you’re going to be sat next to. Trust me: It could be just as bad. Another negative to this option is the size of the portions, and the time taken to dine; both decided by the hyped up waiter staff, who seem to be paid by a) the number of patrons they serve every hour or/and b) by how far they stretch the food budget. It’s a whistle stop tour - this silver service option.

Self service would almost be tragic, if it wasn't for all the adults playing musical chairs will full lunch trays. Those lucky buggers already holding a table stake, smiling with a false sense of accomplishment, are reluctant to give up their prize possessions, even well after they have eaten. There is nothing more demoralizing than seeing your fellow man walk aimlessly amongst the tables, his lunch ever cooling; a modern day flying dutchman - ever approaching an empty table, only to have it taken as he comes into range of possession.
I’d laugh if I sometimes wasn’t playing the dutchman myself.

Still, I cant help but smile when I imagine the production crew edit the day’s video tape and show it on some Asian reality TV show. It’s all there - man’s inhumanity to man. Class structures, and turf wars go head to head with the meek and the mad - stirring stuff, all ending as they finally find their spot to graze, smiling at those less fortunate still searching.

At the end of the day it’s just that simple. Why would you bother? There’s so many of us. We’re all on an important mission, and we’re always looking for that table to put our food tray on. We speak so many different languages - yet we are all the same. It’s a complex machine of people, places and purpose. Frankly there’s really no room for outsiders, except to look in and discover; so maybe, just for now, we’re really just not worth the effort.

I’m just hoping they discover the libraries.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Coral Sea

I find it somewhat humbling - traveling through the Coral Seas; where so many have died to protect the freedoms we now take for granted.
As I stand on the bow of this massive cruise liner, the sun shines down on a peaceful sea, as the wind blows past unhindered.
I wonder if this was how it was between the battles in the Pacific; between the horror of the war, a glimpse of the peace that was to come after.

No land, just an azure sea, and a total lack of perspective - except for our small part in the picture.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Yada yada yada

True Story

Albert, being one of the younger members of the cruising party, was always causing mayhem. Leading the remaining older passengers astray with his shenanigans, staff would always breath a sigh of relief after 7:30pm when everybody retired for the evening.

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Boat of Love

I'm hanging with Issac for the next three or so weeks.

When you think of me I'd like you to think of this theme song...

Good grief - just watched the video and threw up in my mouth a little.

These posts should come with a warning message at the beginning - not the end. Will post from the high seas, should internet be available.

Again sorry 'bout the clip.

Bye :)