Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgive me :)

Sorry Niamh.

In any relationship, you're bound to slip at times, especially when apart over great distances.

Plus it's never cheating when you're not in the same zip code, let alone the same hemisphere - right?

And the Margarita's were divine, so that makes it OK - doesn't it ?

Love Markie x


Deadlyjelly said...

Cheating is cheating. Make all the excuses you want. It won't make you feel better.


Mark J said...

So we weren't on a break then? :)

Cian said...

I believe that (International) Maritime Law applies while you are out at sea. So the concept of cheating does not exist. Knock 'em back...

I love the idea of it not being cheating when you're not in the same post code (can't type the z$p word). That would be a great excuse in the UK where a single post code can be just for a single building or one side of the street. You cheat with your neighbour, but not somebody who lives opposite you.