Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fast lane shopping.

Having managed to avoid the Boxing Day shoppers yesterday, I ventured out today with Shars for some retail therapy.

I never understand why people stop in the middle of the footpath for no apparent reason. Did you notice that they then seem to stare through everybody around them, before some small spark startles the hamster in their brain only to set them heading off again?

Its' the same thing for the idiots who seem to enjoy walking against the flow on the wrong side of the footpath - and I for one, am sick of it all.

This is obviously not acceptable - If they were in a car they would be rear-ended or at least abused by people following behind. So what can we do about these forgetful shoppers?

I believe we need a lane system - much like the roading system. You could have a slow lane for the idiots who dont know where they are going - and a fast lane for those of us who do..

Now lets see... heading for K-Mart then a short trip to the mall to buy a CD. Great! Sorted! It's the fast lane for me - say goodbye to the huddled masses in the slow lane; never sure which foot goes in front next. No sudden stops, followed by the uncertain wobble - unsure if they plan a 180 degree turn before smashing into an unsuspecting fellow slow lane passenger.

This way we can all zip past them, and enjoy the sight of the traffic challenged shopper - sure in the knowledge the person in front of us knows where they are going as well.

Ahhhhh - the prospect of nirvana..... Make it so!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we could have a lane for men and a lane for women?