Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ban this ban that

An article in the herald looks at the banning of cellphones inside vehicles.

Even though the use of cellphones in vehicles have only been attributed to 4 road deaths this year 77% of people who like participating in polls think that their use by drivers should be banned.

Out of those 77% I wonder..

How many drive?
How many currently use their cellphones whilst driving?
How many polls they've completed in the last 12 months?
How many polled have a life?

From the article .....

The Ministry of Transport has spent more than a year investigating cellphone use in cars and other "inside-the-vehicle" driver distractions such as map-reading, tuning the radio, eating, drinking and smoking.

Frankly if they ban cellphones, then you would have to ban all the formentioned driver distractions as well. Oh and dont forget to get rid of those "out of car" distractions - like the shameless young men and woman who flaunt their lithe, semi-clothed bodies at the poor unsuspecting motorist during the summer months.

Bring back the berka I say!!!

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