Thursday, December 31, 2009

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31/12/2009 : Spent the day trying to shop today - failed dismally.

From up on high I bet we all looked like zombies - aimlessly wandering in search of something unknown; anything to briefly lift the tedium - hoping for a lack of buyers remorse: Failing.

As I wandered past the malls , shops and kiosks I recall how simple shopping once was - when the smallest of items purchased could bring so much joy - now IG and I look in vain, the only sound missing from the hustle and bustle of the throng is the fellow zombies calling BRAINS....BRAINS....

"It doesnt feel like new years eve", I muttered -

"Yes", said IG in muted tones.

"I suppose we expect too much", I commented cryptically.

"Yes", said IG in muted tones.

"There's something about cleavage and white sunglasses isn't there", muttered IG.

"What!", I said distracted somewhat.

"Did you miss that?", he asked

And for a second the sun broke through the clouds lighting our way past the shops toward home.

I wondered what I had missed, but IG was already thinking about a beer as we headed for the Octagon, and had already moved on from said cleavage.

"Yes", I said in muted tones.

2010 - You wont know what fucking hit you.....

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Mark J said...

Back and forth through tenses like a drunk man wandering down an alley. Apologies to the more literate readers for any headaches that ensue. Zombie writing me thinks ?. Best wishes for 2010 :)