Monday, December 07, 2009

Dont buy the album

Sometimes you like a song, because it reminds you a certain time, person or place.

You buy the album, and then you find that it's all just too similar; it dilutes the essence of the original moment, making the overall experience less than what it was.

I wonder if tying up all those emotions in one "event" can have the same outcome in real life? Rather than fearing that possibility, I believe you need to embrace any potential opportunities before dismissing them out of hand.

Just don't expect them all to work out, no matter how hard you cross your fingers.


Cian said...

My take on it is slightly different. Fair enough you like a song because it reminds you of a certain time, person or place.

You buy the album and all the other songs are crap. You feel that you have been cheated and you are annoyed with yourself for not investigating more before making the purchase.

Then every time you hear the song, initially you are brought back to that time, person or place; but then the fact that you bought the album comes to the fore. The initial elation is replaced by depression...

Mark J said...

Equally valid points

Classic ! :)