Tuesday, December 01, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Work social functions kinda remind me of high school.

You see - right now I'm on the Gold Coast of East Australia. One a year my company selects 26 or so "Legends" and takes them, and their partners on an all expenses paid trip to an exotic location.

So here go I; except I don't feel all that legendary.

As soon as we arrived the cools kids immediately sat at a table by themselves (just like high school), while the rest shuffled desperately not to be the ones left to last, lest they be seen as easy prey to the ever circling dingo's.

I watched from the sidelines, confused, angry and sad; noting that after all this time the dividing lines are just as strong, even as the playing field has changed so much in a quarter of a century.

I hated the cliques - and I still do.
[Although I shouldn't complain too loudly; at the moment the cool kids are still talking to me].

There's obviously still some shuffling left in this never ending ratings war. Trust me, there will casualties to come on both sides one suspects. The dingo's may not go home hungry...

The tone of this post was brought to you by "500 Days of Summer". I watched this on the flight over today, and I have to tell you that this film spoke volumes to me - especially in my own not-so-unique life(less) situation. Watch it and you'll see one of this years best films - period *.

I should have watched this movie over twenty years ago... it explains a lot.

*Shaw - if you rip this movie to shreds with one of your witty movie reviews - I'll be rather put out. You have been warned!!! :)


Cian said...

I think that Shaw has been quiet on her own blog in order to devote the time to watching this movie 4+ times and putting together her review. Of course she is going to rip it to shreds (for god's sake she is Irish). I am thinking that she may even put together a minute-by-minute commentary.

p.s. Work social functions. Now those three words in the same sentence is something I dread...

Mark J said...

I too wait for Shaw's review - I fear she may not be kind - especially because I happened to mention this was my favourite movie of 2009. :) :)