Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man up

I really don't understand this whole serial cheating thing.

A workmate once explained to me that the reason famous men end up shagging other men is simply because when you can have any woman you want - you just don't want them anymore.

Nope - I didn't buy that either.

Woods is an idiot - not because he got lazy and got caught, but because he should have manned up and left his wife first. If you don't love who you're with, at least have enough respect for them to end the relationship first before moving on. I mean - how in love with your wife must you be to sleep with over 10 different woman?

And do you know what makes it worse ? I hear she's now thinking of staying with him for the sake of the children.

I'm betting the children will be just fine without him - and when they grow up I'm sure they'll respect their mother more for leaving his sorry arse in the gutter.

Update: I see she's not wearing the ring - so there's hope for her yet.


Cian said...

So if I become famous it implies that I can have any woman I want. Well then I'd better get working on that cause I have always fancied Nicole Kidman.

Mark J said...

Evidently the trick was to be really famous :)

Important disclaimer: Like I said I never brought into that line of thought - it worried me that someone actually wasted enough time to come up with the idea in the first place !

P.S Kidman? Really? :)

Anonymous said...

Firstly, for a man that has lived an apparently faultless life up until now, Tiger sure went overboard with the cheating fault.
Secondly, after Bill Clinton I cannot fathom how any man on earth imagines they can get away with cheating. With that in mind, I wholeheartedly agree that Tiger should have excused himself politely from the marital table before screwing around.
Myself...I don't like sharing and consequently divorced all my cheating husbands and finally finally found one that enjoys monogamy. I hope Elin has the nerve to do the same. Its a long road to a happy ending.


Mark J said...

Good on you ca. :)

Cian said...

Kidman - Oh Yeah ever since seeing her in Bangkok Hilton... ... if you do not like my choice I do not mind. After all you like Gwyneth!

Mark J said...

I was just thinking about the stick you'll get from Niamh when she finds out you're a Nicole Kidman fan tis all.

I dont judge Cian - Ms Shaw on the other hand ..... :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Yanno, Nicole Kidman is better than Gwyneth. We'll excuse her lapse in judgement in betrothing herself to Tom Cruise, since she did leave him in the end. She's quite . . . enigmatic. Well, it's the only way to explain Keith Urban. And although you can tell she exudes a faint odour of fish just by looking at her, that's hardly her fault.

Cian, go forth and become famous and charm Nicole with my blessing.

MJ, on the other hand, has NEVER satisfactorily explained his fetish for Gwyneth.



Deadlyjelly said...

By the way, who's yer wan with the crotch?


Mark J said...


Cian said...

They think I have lost the plot at work as I just burst out laughing. My original response was going to be that I was safe since Shaw is no where to be seen, but I see she is alive and kicking and by kicking I mean kicking you in the crotch. Ouch!

Anyway I am have now gone off her (well a little). Keith Urban - jeekers since he was able to get her, surely anybody can. You obviously do not need to be famous.

Yer wan with the crotch (love it) is supposed to be Elin Woods - mind you if you google image her you also get photos of a topless Elin (do not believe that they are the same person)

Kiwis in Huldenberg said...

On the original post - I agree, am totally with ya on that one when it comes to my own life and my own choices. For a good relationship me thinks monogomy is not so necessary - but no deceit is absolutely necessary. But quite frankly I dont give a toss what Tiger, or anyone else gets up to - their life their choice.

Mark J said...

Kiwi's - I agree. It was more the act I was commenting on rather than the man. His life - his choice; you couldn't be more correct.