Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I like - already

Someone with greater literacy skills than I once wrote, " Our fate lies not in our stars, but in ourselves".

In hindsight my previous posts could have seemed somewhat lacking in appreciation."They're not very appreciative", intoned my father on the phone. He has a point, of sorts… I guess...

In the last three days we have jet-boated, sailed, and swung in hammocks while the world turned around us. We have been wined and dined - puffed and pampered like precious primaddona's.



I have to point out that I'm proud to work for a company that recognizes their staffs hard work. I'm even happy that during detailed chats with my company CEO, he insists on calling me Nick - hell I might even change my name lest he discovers his error. That way if he mentions me favorably in dispatches I'll get some credit instead of some other Nick fella :)

Today I went solo from the herd and got some serious roller coaster time in at a local theme park - it came a distant second to a massage from a short haired dominatrix on the beach yesterday, but the end result was the same - superficial bruising, de-stressed muscles and I smile when i remember just how much fun it was in the moment.

God she was vicious - but did I mention she was also very cute?

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