Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Being Brutal

I struggled with my post tonight - I wrote and deleted it twice - it just wasn't enough.

Before going to bed I checked my phone and found a text from IG. I laughed aloud and immediately found the muse I needed to make my convoluted point.

IG: A legend say you - to me you are more of a tall tale.

ME: It's ironic; yet as much as I'm touted a Legend, this trip has made me feel more a failure than a success.

All this wasted energy. My firm may appreciate what I've achieved, but I still haven't got what I want - or perhaps, sometimes, as the song intones, even what I need.

The trick maybe accepting I never will. Maybe that's why I feel I really don't belong here….

Thanks for understanding me Ian, I hope the migrane headache after was well worth the effort :)


Radka said...

Beautiful blog, photos. Have a nice day Radka.

Mark J said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Radka. It reminds me that others do read what I have to say. I sometimes forget that :)