Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dances with Avatar

Writing is a strange thing. I've been putting off my first post of 2010 because for the last few days I've been in the most horrid of moods. Not wanting to start the year off on a negative note, I now realize it's not so much the mood that I've been in, but the mood I'm in when I write about my bad mood that counts.


I think the worst thing about a foul mood is knowing why. If you happen to know, and you're powerless to do anything about it, you just have to ride it out like a bad cold. This is somewhat ironic, because I also have a cold at the moment.

Yes - Life is full of irony.

Rather than delving into the reasons for either my cold or bad mood, I will instead accept both and try to battle through regardless. The good news is I have yet to fall to the dreaded affirmations, but in order to survive the looming storm on the horizon I will no doubt have to pencil them in one day soon.

I think the trick is to be realistic. I think this is a lesson I haven't learned very well. I suspect it will take time and patience to master; and I wonder if something of me wont be lost at the end of all this. I hope I'm worng, I hope I'll always have some sense of magic, a belief in the possible along with the probable that shapes our lives. Time will tell I guess. At the moment I'm still open to the possibility of the unexpected. And for now that will do nicely thank you.

I find it interesting that many of us still turn to our entertainment to temporarily balance the less enjoyable parts of our lives. I attended a screening of Avatar last night. There were may oooh's and ahhh's over James Cameron's epic. I joked that it was merely "Dances with Wolves in Space" but Matt argued it was actually "Pocahontas in Space" instead. IG sided with me but correctly named it as "Dances with Wolves in Space without the running away bit at the end".

I wondered if Cameron wasn't running the risk of becoming an epic caricature of himself - stories coming second to the special effects and technical advancement of 3D. I mean, at least Peter Jackson can move from "Lord of the Rings" to "The Lovely Bones" - something I doubt Cameron could muster.

Still you have to admire his passion for his craft - his drive to create a world where not everything can be defined by logic or emotion. For that alone you should take time out and spend two and a half hours with his vision.

It's not a big ask people. :)


Cian said...

Went to see it a couple of days ago. There were no ooohs and ahhhs in our screening even with The Edge from U2 sitting in the seat behind me.

Some of the 3D scenes were pretty amazing. I find it interesting that even in 145 years from now us humans still have not learned to respect the living world - we have already distroyed the earth and we are continuing to exploit other environments. Will we ever learn? I know it is fiction, but it is making me think...

Mipa zìsìt lefpom ngaru!

Mark J said...

Even though I've seen U2 three times in concert - I was never really sure they were real until this very moment.

P.S. Was he still wearing that stupid beanie? - embrace the bald or buy a wig for chistsake already !!!

Cian said...

I didn't even notice him until I was told afterwards - "Did you see who was sitting behind you?" "Nope"....

Mark J said...

Phew ! So U2 may still be a figment of my 80's !