Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not so much a hot-tubber....

Its too damn hot!

Given the choice of warmth or cold, I'd always opt for cold.

You can always put more clothes on, sit in front of a comfortably hot fire, or go to bed early with someone special. As an added bonus, I honestly believe the less flesh you show, the sexier you potentially are.

I mean; what's under all those extra clothes ? It's like an extra fancy Christmas wrapper, albeit on a very "adult type" gift.

Plus - in the scorching humid summer days you can only take off so many clothes. Especially when you have a house guest, or friends visiting.

Yep - it's not a "hot tub" kinda house - so sue me :)


Cian said...

One can take off all their clothes. Be a naturist for a day.

Remember what Bob said:
Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks.
Just look into your heart,
and do whatever the hell makes you happy.

Granted it might be easier in your own home, rather than say at work or out shopping. Otherwise the police might take you into custody. Then is also the risk of sunburn etc.

So I think that the best option would be to go nude and at the sametime put on some clothes to protect yourself again the sun. Now you have a win-win situation.

Jacie said...

Finally - something we don't agree on! I'd always opt for warmth. I love those 'Body Heat' kind of nights when it's too hot for covers on the bed.
One thing come you live in the hot place and I live in the cold one...??

Mark J said...

Cian - although I've lost a lot of weight lately I still wouldnt inflict myself on the public :)

On a slight more serious note, here in NZ you just have to walk to the letterbox to get skin cancer - the UV levels are incredibly high. Dont forget your hat and sunscreen when you drop in to visit :)

Mark J said...

Hiya Jacie

Auckland is a funny place - we dont usually get the extremes of heat here - further south in Dunedin we do...

I wonder if you'd feel the same way about the heat if you were suffering through a long heatwave (I've been in London with plus 40 temps before - hideous !!!) - still I agree that it's nice to know we'd have something to disagree about if we ever met in person :)

Cian said...

I don't like to inflict myself on the mirror. One of these days it might just crack. So I would not practice what I preach.

I'm totally with you on the heat. Nothing beats the snug feeling of wrapping up in multiple layers etc.

Last summer we went to Iceland for our holidays and at the start of a 6 Day Trek in the desert interior I got heat blisters all over my hands. Not fun when the nearest pharmacy is 100s of kms/10 days away. And what is the deal with a country called Iceland getting so hot.. It was just wrong. The sun is a dangerous object...

Hope the weather is returning to normal...