Thursday, January 07, 2010

Curious me

I'm amazed how some artists constantly put their hearts on their sleeves.

Perhaps that's why; when they fall, they fall so hard.


Cian said...

and when Stephin Merritt sings it, it is so much sader.

I think it is time to listen to 69 Love Songs now. So here comes depression for the next three hours. Thanks!

Mark J said...

This wasn't my intent - honest !

I just thought to myself today that music and poetry seem to be the last remaining mediums where men can drop the stereotypes.

It wasn't that the song was sad - although obviously in this case it is - it's just because it's so damn honest.

Melancholy five Cian ! :)

Cian said...

I was good and I did not succumb. In the middle of working out favourite albums of the decade, so it did not fit and I would only get confused.

Since the title of the post was Curious Me. Well now I am curious - what exactly is due to happen in 98 Days, 07 Hrs, 04 Mins and 16 Secs?

Mark J said...

Noted: Will elaborate on the countdown clock sooner rather than later. Just not quite ready yet.