Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Price of Boredom

Vacation Photos from Ironforge.

Not too many sleeps before I head home for a long weekend to celebrate Sandra's 40th birthday. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the crew.

The problem is I'm not sleeping that well of late.

Some months back, desperate for a game for my iMac, I purchased World of Warcraft thinking it was some kind of real time strategy game like Command and Conquer; I was wrong - so very wrong. It turned out that World of Warcraft an online role playing game. While I've always been a fan of "good" Science Fiction, the genre of Fantasy didn't appeal, so for months the game remained unloaded.

Then I got bored, and thought I'd give it a go.

Even after hearing it was pretty addictive, and coupled with a very real risk I'd never get laid again, I pressed on regardless - all the while thinking I would never catch the bug.

A week or two later I found myself dreaming. Walking in a beautiful garden, suddenly the quiet charm was ruined when a lion rushed toward me from nowhere. In desperation I reached for a length of lumber, then realizing I was done for, I dropped the wood, and surrendered to my fate. I woke from my deep sleep with a start - wondering why I was still alive, before realizing it was too late for me.

But perhaps not too late for you. Avoid - less you suffer the same fate. All this was before I'd encountered the Horde.

It is fun tho - in a never getting laid kinda way :)


ren.kat said...

That has to be worse than crack. They say a significant amount of kids here are dropping out of high school.

There is a film on YouTube I will send you. . .

Mark J said...

I've more to add on the World or Warcraft Saga - there's a lot more to be concerned about than just the time spent playing the game.. unfortunately...

Di Mackey said...

Jessie loves it ... sigh. I'd be interested in the YouTube too, ren.kat