Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bullrush with Sandra

When I was ten years old, I lived in Mosgiel, just out of Dunedin.
Growing up in 70's New Zealand, we had yet to see the onset of Political Correctness, so we played Bullrush in the big field outside my home, and we always picked on the girls first.

Bullrush is an excellent game, and this is one obvious reason why playing it in it's original manner is no longer encouraged. The rules are simple and can be found here.

In short this is the game;

Bullrush is an energetic game whereby a group of individuals endeavour to rush from one line to another across an open space without being tackled to the ground by participants who have previously been so tackled. The rush from one line to the other continues with the direction being reversed on each rush. The winner of the game is the single individual who manages to be the last person not so tackled. Even so the winner is required to repeat the rush in the hope that he/she too will be brought to the ground. Each time a person loses the rush, they have to join all the other losers in the middle of the open space and join in the tackling activity.

Across this "huge" field lived an eight year old girl who I always picked first when I was in the middle: her name was Sandra.

Just yesterday I caught up with Sandra for lunch. Curiously, although she is still two years younger than me, she is now much more grown up. She has a husband, and two lovely daughters ( tho she would beg to differ on this), and an equally lovely sense of humour.

We have never lost contact over the years, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Sands was the one who patted me on the back when I was violently ill on Southern Comfort and Creme De Menth at the Brass Monkey Rally, telling me all would be well, when in fact obviously, everything wasn't. I would like to say that this was the only time she was supportive in such a manner, but unfortunately the drinking habits of the time dictated numerous support sessions. Suffice to say that although the lesson may have taken a while to learn, I now drink in extreme moderation: I suspect, much to her relief.

The girl was, and is still a rock and a most excellent friend, but if we were to play a game of bullrush tomorrow, sorry Sands: you'd still be first on my list. :)

Green Street Girl
. Can you email me a photo for this post?


Anonymous said...

what you didn't mention was the fact she always got past you because you were crap at bullrush.

Mark J said...

Ouch - though I am crap at a multitude of things - as far as I am aware Bullrush wasnt one of them. :)

woman wandering said...

Lol ... my first words on seeing the title were ... 'Oh mannnnnnn!'

Sandra ... she's my little sister, the one adore and drive crazy.

I have to ask about the photo. I'm already at risk of being sold to gypsies for previous sisterly crimes, this one might just see it done. ;)

Mark J said...

I was thinking of a photo circa 1977 :)
If you're gonna burn for this you might as well go down in flames!

woman wandering said...

I have the cutest one of her little but I don't think I have much else travelling with me ... oddly enough. My laptop is full of contemporary stuff ... maybe I won't have to burn after all ;)

Why don't you ask Sands?