Thursday, April 17, 2008

Damn - is it here again already?

Greetings from Sunny Dunedin.

This morning I woke at 6am due, in part, to the first of a long line of congratulatory SMS messages wishing me a Happy Birthday. I spent most of the the morning with Mum and Dad and my nephew Cole, before heading off to lunch with Keri and Sandra. The afternoon found me in a comfortable bar with IG, and a couple of glasses of Merlot, realizing all days should be this good.
It's nice to be home, although I'm a bit flat, perhaps noting how nice it would be to have what I know I'm missing, here with me.
Still, all up - a pretty good year. It's nice to have some many people to share it with :)

I wonder where 2009 will find me?


Jacie said...

oh Happy Birthday Mark - even though I'm sure the past was good may the rest of your life be the best of your life x

Mark J said...

Thanks Jacie.
I have a great life, but there's nothing wrong with wanting a little bit more from it - right? :)