Monday, April 14, 2008

Making a picture

My thoughts today are everywhere. Somewhere between yesterday and today I ended up here; thinking about watching Fleetwood Mac at Wembley Stadium with NFG. Here I was, small town me, as far away from home as I could possibly be, watching Fleetwood Mac play; blown away by the whole thing. London! Wembley Stadium! All these bloody people!
Stevie's voice was stuffed that night, but Christine McVie was amazing. I'll never forget her playing Songbird at the end of the night. A sea of lights before her; the purity of an artist alone with her piano. I closed my eyes and made a picture, that is as clear today, as then.


Jacie said...


Mark J said...

She was - I've always admired those who can stand in front of thousands and get it just right. I wonder if she has realised how many lives she's touched over the years.

Thanks for the vote on confidence - Sometimes its a struggle to find your voice - I'm still looking for mine :)