Monday, April 07, 2008

Sandra J is all grown up.

This is not Tim*.
I could write about Sandra's 40th Birthday, but her sister wrote such a very special piece here, I don't think I could do it any more justice.
What I can say however is that it was a lovely night.
Only in Dunedin could I be invited to a 40th where I would once again meet up with someone I went to school with 26 years ago. To my right, a couple who hugged me when I walked in, and to my left a world famous motorcycle racer who had me smiling all night with his tall tales.
Sandra looked absolutely lovely, catching up with us all - the perfect hostess. Chatting away with her mischievous smile, wine bottle in hand, filling glasses as she stopped to say hello. The evening flowed with lively conversation and much merriment. Nineteen people from almost as many different lives, come together to enjoy the company of a very special person; an exclusive club indeed.

Happy Birthday Sands - I had a ball.

One thing tho. Lets just see if you can keep Tim away from that dress - ok. You know he'd just think he'd look better in it - right? :)
* Tim thinks he has nicer legs


Di Mackey said...

Ufff, now I remember Tim as a blonde in a dress for some party and he's right, his legs are disturbingly good for a bloke. I guess it's all the football ....

Reads like a lovely night and thanks for the photograph, and for the compliment re the post.

Di Mackey said...

Sigh, you rarely reply to my comments, it's so very lonely.

I usually stop commenting on the blogs of those who don't reply ... (raised eyebrow warning) xx

Mark J said...

Yeah - but the raised eyebrow warning thing is Sandra's forte - not yours :)

You did get my text about your post on Sandra - right?

Di Mackey said...

Yep, got it. Shitty busy week here, how was yours?

:) asked Gert who the raised eyebrow thing belongs to.