Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Social Lepers

Setting: Three guys stand around a work desk discussing the early stages of beard growth.

[fade in]

Mark to Jase: "You had an impressive beard going there for a while Jase."
Jase: "Thanks, although it drove me mad when it got to that itchy phase"
Mark: "Yeah - I cant get past that - eventually I have to shave"
Sam: "It's quite prickly though - right"
Jase: "Actually it's quite soft"
Sam: "What about your partners? Don't they mind?"
Mark: "Well I'm single - so it doesn't really matter"
Jase: "I'm single as well, so it's the same for me"
Sam (English as second language): " Oh.. I'm sorry.. I didnt mean to mention your...(searching for word)... inadequacy"
Mark: " It's OK Sam - really"
Jase: "Yeah - It's fine"
Sam: (nods head - oblivious)

[fade to black]


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With me - right?

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