Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah right

So - a flirtatious email surfaced inside my work in-box yesterday.
Is there anything more stupid than dating someone you work with?
Someone younger than the (1/2 your age + 8) year calculation, allows for.

Yep - Upon reflection I'm sure that it's a great idea.

I just wanted a much simpler life. Somewhere, I know someone is mocking me!

Enough already!!


Di Mackey said...

Age discrimination eh ... ?

She's to be punished for fine taste while too young to be respected for that fine taste.

Dear me Mark, I never took you for an ageist.

Do I need to explain ... AGE IS A CONSTRUCT! as are many things. Just do it. I'll be proud of you!

Mark J said...


I'm only listening to you because you're older than me - and still you have the nerve to call me ageist? :)

I've been missing the "tellings off's" - nice to see you back here and commenting again !

Love Mark.

Anonymous said...

The half your age rule is not actually a rule, it's a guideline.
As a guideline you have to look at it in another way, nothing really bad will happen to me if I choose to ignore a guideline, on the other hand if I choose to ignore a rule, ie Don't play with a loaded gun, something really bad could happen to me.
I hope this clears it up for you.

Mark J said...

I see a post coming on this one :)

Di Mackey said...

Oh, anonymous is much wiser than me actually.

Looking forward to the inspired post, Mark.