Saturday, June 28, 2008

20:20 Vision

Twenty things I wish I did in the last twenty years

Saved 10% of my salary since 1986
Brought a house
Asked NFG to marry me
Believed in myself more
Embrace what i couldn't change about myself
Changed my job at least twice
Pushed myself
Accepted less crap from others
Expected more
Drunk less
Was less judgmental
More open minded
Felt the fear and did it anyway
Cut my losses more quickly
Made more mistakes
Bent or broke the rules
Lived the moment while I was in it
Damned the consequences
Make a difference

The concern is not so much how many I can still do, but how many I can actually make myself do in the time I have left here.

Chickenshit is a word - right?


Anonymous said... a list of 20 things your really glad you did? i'm intrieged!

Jacie said...

great track, great lyrics, great post....made me think what I would done differently but list is way too long!

Mark J said...

Good idea Anonymous!
I'll get to work on it right away