Sunday, June 08, 2008

Guest Post

I received this email today, and after getting Writer Girl's permission I have posted it. Rest assured I am looking into a suitable excuse for not having posted on Eric Carmen before now. At this stage I'm having trouble just picking one out of the multitude.

[Post starts]

I am concerned how Eric Carmen appears to be overlooked in your blog and by extension your music collection.
Please see:-

Observe the sartorial daring of the man: his exploding head, tangerine makeup, shiny gold lame leopard print jacket with shoulder-pads (any of those adjectives would be enough indictment in themselves, never mind all together), the vest, the braces, the drainpipes and white sneakers. Wait for the dancers who re-enact highlights from 'Dirty Dancing' on stage.

You can thank me in person.

[Post ends]

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Niamh said...

Eric rocks!