Thursday, June 19, 2008

Always a Browncoat

[Don't worry if you don't get this post - just follow its example]

There are a lot of things I should be more upset about. The fact that I even take time to dwell on these pettier emotions, shows that I have far too much time on my hands for this angst.

I mean - why do I get so upset when I see yet another "Director's Cut" of Bladerunner at the DVD store. Is it perhaps, because I have to sit through yet another reinterpretation of the story?

I wonder, when the night finally takes me, as I lie down to sleep -
Is Harrison Ford's much hated monologue intact ?
Will we find out - definatively - if he is really a replicant ?
Will I actually see more through the light, mist, and atmosphere in this version, and if I do, will it actually make sense?
I wonder these things before I drift off - because, years on, I believe Harrison probably wonders as well.
How many times oh Lord - How many times?

Donnie Darko has also been re-released with commentary from Kevin Smith and director Richard Kelly. With music originally intended for the film, but initially cost prohibitively denied, it just happens to be missing the brilliant cast commentary from the original release, especially around "Sparkle Motion" and Mary "Stands with Fists" McDonald. Trust me - get the early version.
I might be able to save you - but not I.... I have two copies.

Serenity director Joss Weaton has released a Directors cut that I've also purchased. It's probably the same version as the old one that I gave to Writer Girl, but I so desperately want Fox to sanction another movie, I'd buy more copies if I thought it would make a difference. Jewel Staite mentioned recently that Joss was getting the Firefly cast back together for the comments track on the Blu Ray version of Serenity. A Blu Ray fucking version - OMFG! I don't even have a Blu Ray player - but if Fox are ever going to sanction that movie...

Actually- come to think about it - just don't talk to me about Firefly - everyone I know who's watched that show left wanting more. Years later, in yet another interview, Jewel Staite still rates Kaylee as her favourite character. (sigh).

Still - all these wishes and frustrations are a blissful refrain from a potential boredom waiting just around the corner. Be different - embrace that, that makes you you. Embrace that, that makes you different. In a world where conformity is an easy, yet strangely unobtainable option, our uniqueness is all that we truly own.
Don't give it up without a fight, and just for a change, take some time to admire people who live their lives on the outskirts of the herd; even if they aren't treading the same path you are.
They are, after all, kindred spirits.


Jacie said...

I love the original Bladerunner with the Harrison Ford narration but I don't think you can even get it anymore. I always wonder when it says 'Director's cut' who the hell cut the 1st one then! Did they just finish filming and hand it all over to the tea lady saying 'here love we're off down the pub see what you can do with this lot...'!

Mark J said...

I have to agree with you - by removing the voice over (fan or not) they have created an entirely different perspective - leaving me to wonder if the original or the new version was the directors intent. I'll have to Read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" to find out I guess...