Sunday, June 15, 2008

Take it easy on me - ok?

Sometimes my musical tastes are extremely eclectic.

I feel the need to justify this, I really do - it's just that I cant find the words.
Please forgive me, but on the off chance that you like it too - it will have to be our dirty little secret - OK?

It's not like its a Celine Dion fetish people!


Niamh said...

Justify what? The Little River Band rocks! Well, it warbles at least. 'Lady', 'Cool Change'?

About eight years ago, Andrew downloaded four or five tracks of The Little River Band. We had just started cohabiting - a first for me. We were spending our first Christmas together and got a real pine tree - another novel experience.

For some reason, those LRB tracks always make me think of that time: our sparsely furnished flat with mismatched pieces, mince pies and hubbly bubbly on the terrace, the pitter patter of pine needles, LRB and Slade and Jive Bunny's Christmas mix, Andrew flooding the neighbour's garden. Ah, happy days

Mark J said...

Look around you
look up here
Take time to make time
Make time be here-air-air-air


Niamh said...

Exactly. You KNOW!