Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wind of change

This week I feel a wind of change. Perhaps decisions somewhere have been made - it's not clear - things just feel different. An overactive sixth or possible tenth sense - I've lost count. I try and tell myself it's not a bad thing, or that perhaps it's all in my head. Normal service will resume after a period of acclimation, or realisation - whatever comes first.

In the meantime....

I've always loved Peter Frampton- in the early eighties Frampton Comes Alive was a staple for me on our family record player.

The sweetest fragrance, it brings a wind of change.
I feel it's now or die.
I have itchy fingers and butterflies are strange;
You know that I live a lie.

Sapphires aren't enough to buy me happiness.
Diamonds don't demand me, they're just for looking,
Love comes close to wrecking all you have to give;
God knows, there's so much to give

Unfortunately there was nothing on Youtube to post, but there was another song with the same name that reminded me of my tour through Europe many years ago, so in lieu of something better, that will have to do.


ren.kat said...

Butterflies are ALWAYS strange. You just have to look closely. Anyhow, I hope this means that your meltdown made a pretty little pool.

Mark J said...

The texture was a lot more interesting Ren. Realizing the source of my minor meltdown was nested in expectation, and not in reality was painful. I live too much in the real world and would love - just once - to be completely wrong after coming to a conclusion derived completely from logic.
Personally, I just hope I'm wrong :)