Monday, August 20, 2007

Car Guys

It's often hard to understand the bond between guys and their cars. I only know that there is something magical about taking a car, making it unique to you - something special.

For some guys throwing on a set of shiny rims, lowering blocks, and a set of boost gauges is not enough. The superficial aside, some guys love taking something old - near the end of it's life, then spend hundreds of hours ( and thousand of dollars) restoring and enhancing the car, often in doing so, creating a car that is superior to the original that left the factory.

For some strange reason too, it's totally OK for a guy to be emotionally attached to a vehicle, and that cant be too bad, given the social emotional restrictions placed on men in this day and age.

I guess it could take a Y chromosome to understand why I'm seriously considering spending $3000 on a car worth $5000, rather than send it to an automotive dismantler, to be turned into scrap. I hope you can find it in your heart to understand regardless.

Yeah - I know, I need a girlfriend. But is it OK if she has to love my cars too? :)


Manictastic said...

Ever crossed your mind that women don't like cars worth 5000 bucks :D They like bicycles nowadays :P

Cars can be so awesome. Women sometimes just don't get the magic of machines which can outrun horse with like 500 or something these days.

Mark J said...

The girls I like wouldnt care if I drove a restored car from the 70's - hold on a minute - I am single. Maybe those girls dont exist at all !!! :)