Monday, May 31, 2010

A Geek Tragedy

Unfortunately I giggled just a little when I read this.

If you don't get it, thank your lucky stars.

There may yet be hope for you :)


Cian said...

And thankfully I had to google it! I am doubly thanking my lucky stars, cause I work in IT and I still did not get it.

The advantages of knowing nothing about networks and servers! Now if people would stop asking me for help with their computers I would be grateful.

Mark J said...

I'd like to believe you dude! :)

hope you enjoyed my drunk post the other day. I could only cope with it posted for 12 hours or so. Any longer would simply be too inhumane :)

Cian said...

I was fracking away in Brussels for the night at a concert (Jonsi). I came back on Sunday morning and I noticed that there had been a post, but it was deleted. :-(

I also missed the eurovision, but thankfully I am now reading Niamh's catch-up. I think that it sounds far better when she describes it. She notices all the little details...

Mark J said...

Will put it up again for your viewing pleasure - just remember not to laugh too hard at the rambling mess. The wine was good, I fear :)

Mark J said...

Sorry Niamh - your oh my god comment was rejected by google for some reason.
I can only assume that your IT background came back to haunt you for a second there :)