Friday, May 28, 2010

I keep forgetting

Question: How does being married to Tom Cruise automatically make you asexual?

Fuck taking back the night - we need to reclaim Katie Holmes!

P.S. I may be drinking tomorrow night, so will try and stop myself drunk-posting. Wish me luck!


Cian said...

Mate - Resistance is Futile. Don't try to stop yourself. You know you need to drunk post.

Mark J said...

I keep picturing Bill Murray in Groundhog Day - driving the truck with the groundhog yelling/screaming "Dont drive angry"..."dont drive angry"

- thinking "dont post drunk" is also a good idea :)

renkath said...

Does google still have that drunk filter for emails? Timed math questions.Didn't work for me because I can't do them sober.