Friday, May 21, 2010

Some kind of Talent

Now - If only that bloke from the Coors could just lose the chicks he'd make a fortune !

The Coors 15 minutes may well and truly be gone, but they did serve to show that Irish people are ALL incredibly talented, not to mention devilishly attractive.

A fact that wasn't wasted on me when I met Niamh Shaw for the first time.

I love this song - although the compression from Youtube really doesn't do the song justice. The only real issue is translating the lyrics - I mean "and tearing has it's ways??"

I'm thinking not...

I will get my Amp now - right luv? :D


Cian said...

"Irish people are ALL.. ..devilishly attractive."

And that is the reason she is shacked up with a Kiwi how?

Believe you me - they are not all as attractive as Niamh (or me!). A quick tour of my workplace right now will tell you otherwise.

Then I read your last line and I thought to myself that guy is clever - very cute (in the Irish sense of the word) indeed. Flattery normally works very well on the Irish.

Deadlyjelly said...

You know I'm a sucker for blatant flattery. Of course you get your amp.


Mark J said...

Cian - had to say that your comment was approved first ;) .
And, as for her marrying a Kiwi - if you ever get the opportunity to see them together, carry an air sickness bag - they're just that cute together, you may just throw up a little :)

Mark J said...

I just call it as I see it Niamh - you're a gem,

Cian said...

Thanks for the advice. I am hoping to visit at the end of November. Well either that or I will stalk them from the end of the garden. Not sure that I am ready for the physical stalking part esp. if it is raining or if there are strange noises 'n' stuff.

The air sickness bag has been added to my packing list.

Cian said...

Meant to add that I had never heard that version of that song before. There is a pretty popular singer here called Mary Black who sings it and I have always loved it. I must admit that I rather enjoyed this one too.

And as for their fifteen minutes of fame, well Andrea Corr seems to be in a newspaper or magazine over here on a weekly basis. But not so much for the rest of them.

hmmm - blogger does not like the del tag!