Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toasty feet

I love the rain.

Today I took at walk at lunchtime and got caught in a downpour.
As life suddenly sped up to a mad dash around me, I decided I couldn't get any wetter, so carried on undeterred. There's a kind of peace that comes from not reacting on impulse.

Tonight the wind is blowing rain onto my kitchen window.
The wind whistles under the eves on it's way to Piha, while I am nice and warm inside.
These are the simple moments to cherish, even if my socks were wet all day.

It's a small price to pay for hot water cupboard trainers tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, just checking in, you haven't borrowed anything and not returned it?

I was going to comment on your musical posts but I noticed I've been listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a little more than what could be considered healthy.

I have found someone else for my list, the new assistant from doctor who, so to recap red head chick from mythbusters 13 and doctor who chick.

Mark J said...

Thanks for the update.

I'd start to panic when i return your Michael Bolton CD. Until then you can assume all is well :)