Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drunken comments

So perhaps one bottle isn't enough.

Today I reconnected with some friends, arranged to visit another, and drank a nice bottle of red.
Though it all I wonder if there wasn't more to be had - more than one bottle, and more than one to share.

I've come to believe that sharing is better, that taking risks is better - that we can be the best we can, when we're doing something we love; perhaps with someone we love.
As the cosmic tumblers shift into place we can perhaps catch a glance of what could be, what will be. If we want to change, then the option is there. The trick is seeing the moments that shape a life, and acting upon them.

I only know, that for the longest time, I've been missing my marks. I've been listening to voices that arent necessarily my own. The voices say there is a plan - I want to believe them - I've been right before; they've been right before. All I know now, is that it's out of my hands.

The decisions that shape my life are there to be made. All that remains is the courage to do what must be done. To know what is right, and to make it so.

Unfortunately those decisions aren't mine to make.

The world turns, and lives go on. What will be will be; and it will be your will not mine.

This post will self destruct. I love the way the words flow through that one bottle, but I'd bet my life that they wont last. Life has a way of tidying up those loose ends :)

Perhaps sooner than you think.


Mark J said...

Dutch courage Cian - much underrated :)

Cian said...

Sounds like you may have hit on a panacea there -

"The trick is seeing the moments that shape a life, and acting upon them."

And that was the drunken post - very coherent actually, not what I was expecting. Thankfully I do not drink a whole bottle of wine that often, but if I did, I would be scared of the total and utter crap I would write. And believe you me I would be embarrassed afterwards.

p.s. No (declaration of love for ) Starbuck in the post. Maybe you were not that drunk or are you really starting to get over BSG? Surely not the latter!

Deadlyjelly said...

HAHAHA! Cian's totally got you pegged, dude.


Cian said...

Well I was told that I was not paying attention, so I thought I should do better.

Mark J said...

I'm not sure your replies could be any better - very impressed with your efforts on deadlyjelly as well. :)