Sunday, May 09, 2010


I don't mind being married to my career
and I don't expect it to hold me in bed as i fall asleep at night
I just don't wanna settle

-Up in the Air (2009)


Mark J said...

I should clarify that I'd love to be settled, but I'd never settle to be settled.

Glad I cleared that one up :)

Jacie said...

I agree with you but it seems that most people I know settle for being settled so sometimes I wonder if what I want actually exists...

Mark J said...

That's the problem. If you settle for someone, who's to say they aren't settling for you.
I think it depends on who your are as a person; while being in a relationship is almost always a compromise of sorts, I believe you should enter into a relationship for the right reasons.
But what do I know - I'm single for a reason :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Yeah, but are you single for the right or wrong reasons?


PS I totally count having to share your Weetabix as a Right Reason

Mark J said...

Because you dislike Weetabix?

As for the wrong or right reasons - it's too hard to say (but not necessarily too hard to know).

I enjoy your comments almost as much as your company. I was so good to see you and your Weetabix companion today :)

Bless x