Thursday, June 03, 2010


I've been feeling more than a little flat lately, and after a few nights of heading off to bed at 9pm, I suddenly dawned on me that heading off to bed three hours early may indicate something was up.

I realized that after all this trying to stay on the wagon, diet-wise, I may have inadvertently stopped eating red meat along with carbs.

Thinking iron might be the culprit, and not having enough sense to see a doctor, I decided instead to head off to the local heath food shop for some iron tablets.

I don't know what's behind the health industries fascination with Spirulina but to be honest I fear the stuff. In my experience anyone I've known who's taken it quickly moves on to St John's Wort, followed swiftly by madness. It's a cycle I've seen in more than a couple of ex flatmates...

Still, I hate the smell of iron tablets, so for now it's the subversive green tablets for me. Should I cir cum to the temptation of St John's Wort, I fully expect one of you to stage an intervention, before the inevitable transition to insanity.

Some of you who know me well, may argue that this may have already occurred, and to you I would simply smile and say "It might do well to stop thinking I'm a chicken - but frankly I'm saving a fortune on eggs".

And on that note I think I'll cluck off. :)


Cian said...

Of course for those of us who do not know you well, we might argue that you should go mad. It could make for some interesting posts, not saying that your posts aren't interesting enough already.

...and not having enough sense to see a doctor... - Personally I think the "not" is in the wrong place - "and having enough sense to not see a doctor" reads better to me, but I may be biased.

Not that I am one to give advice, and slightly off topic, but you might like to know about Metabolic Typing. There is a short introduction @

Basically it tells you broadly what types of food you should be eating for you as an individual and not the so-called health care profesional guidelines. The book is interesting -

I am a mixed type and my other half is a protein type and it is something that we try to take into account in our eating habits. For some people it does seem to work well. It helps to understand why some diets such as the Atkins Diet works well for some and not for others.

St John's Wort here is only available on prescription here. I think that our Irish Medicines Board was not happy at the number of people taking it and they wanted Doctors to have their cut. Well that is the real reason as far as I am concerned.

renkath said...

ooo- St. John's Wort. Had the most terrifying allergic reaction to it. Don't go there without being very cautious!