Friday, June 25, 2010

Currently playing

I'm not a huge Hunters and Collectors Fan, but of late I've warmed to lead singer Mark Seymour's "daytime and dark" album. Stripped down songs that sing to me and my acoustic guitar. Music is a lovely thing to make, even if you're not good enough to be a professional as such.

Come on confess your confusion
Spread it around
They trickle down your cheeks tears fall
Like seed on barren ground
Your thoughts are scattered
Like paper everywhere
Tiny pieces of laughter and despair


Anonymous said...

wow - now that's real music for ya! None of this crap they play these days!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane :0)

Mark J said...

Finally - a nice Anon comment I can moderate - except all the ones from ca. obviously :)

Hope you have a lovely day !