Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Allison's Team is in the house

In my work life there have been few to admire; few to aspire to. In all my years of work there have only be two; both at Vodafone, and both, as it happens, women.

There's nothing sexist in that comment, it's just a fact. My boss is simply the best manager I've ever had, and possibly ever will have. Her ability to promote, lead, encourage, and perform simply blows us all out of the water - daily.

Under her watch we have become one of the best performing parts of the business - all men, all different backgrounds and personalities, we have one thing in common - we're in her team.

Or we were.

Like most people who are outstanding in their roles, they eventually move on. I always knew it would happen, but I figured we'd get at least three or four years before she was tapped on the shoulder. We got eighteen months.

None of us are taking it very well.

In our lives we've all had those moments of synergy, these rare slices of "great". We make mental snapshots of these moments. These specific memories often sustain us through the down times - especially when we need to remember that things will one day be good again.

Regardless her decision has been made. I'm reminded that change is the only universal constant, and I can only hope that something good will come from a situation that has come as a shock to us all.

This is going to take some getting over; and I'm definitely not alone in this.

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