Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ocean View

This week, after Allison's resignation notice, I find myself in the South Island once again. This was planned work, however the juxtaposition of the two events has left me seriously thinking about my future options with Vodafone in Auckland.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to do anything rash, but a year or so back I had a lot more reasons to hang about. Now I'm wondering what's keeping me up there.

I do still enjoy my job, and its inherent rewards - and they seem to really love me to bits lately, still: is that enough?

My local friends are retreating into their families, and as a result I'm spending more and more time to myself. I realize I'm very independent, but i still enjoy social contact from time to time. Niamh and Andrew left a few months back and although I still have Andrews bike to remember them by, it's just not the same :)

I'm just not sure I could move to Christchurch - I enjoy my rare visits to the Garden City, but a place is just a place - it's the people in it that make the difference. I'm hoping that life will show me the way to continue; but if anybody can think of any reason I should stay or go - feel free to email me !

This weekend finds me in Dunedin, where I have a formal dinner to attend later this evening. Although it is frosty out tonight, the stars are clear and crisp in the night sky. As I lie in bed with the electric blanket on typing this post, I'm reminded that this is my real home - eventually I will return here, build myself a beach house; spending the rest of my days finding more and more ways to enjoy life, and everything it encompasses.

Finally - a plan I can live with !


Deadlyjelly said...

Reason to go: we miss you. Come to South Island. Problem solved.


Mark J said...

You're a good friend, and (if even possible) an even better writer x