Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'm not trying
to tear you down.
But you fog things up
You always have.
You spin me about.

I hate psychics.

They turn you about; send you North when you ought to go South; makes you keel when you should run true.
I'm a skeptic, but not a good one.
I'm told the same story from many a storyteller, once removed.
Does it make it real - all these same stories?
More importantly -Do you want to look for the answers to those questions?

My inner conspiracy theorist wonders if they trade our information at some kind of international swap meet. The child in me hopes for a world less defined; at odds with a predetermined life. The spiritual side has no idea, but has hope that all will be fine with this life.

We're a mix of so much, to stand by our faith, and say it means nothing.

You can tell I'm overdue some retail therapy - right ? :-)

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