Sunday, July 04, 2010

Whole lotta love

My formal dinner was lovely.
Lovely in that it was also a bit of a love fest.

Family was a word best used to describe it all, and I had no idea Dunedin was such a huggy place.

So; many hugs, many photo's, many drinks.
One hole in a wall, one fight on the lawn - kids....
Much dancing, and a few piggyback rides for the grown up kids.
All in all a great night.

Even if I'm all hugged out, I'm good for some more :)


Cian said...

Such an alien concept for me using "lovely", "love fest" and "family" in the same sentence. Half of us do not talk to each other, so that makes for fun. We have a mother who does not really understand why her three sons really don't talk to each other....

But what I really want to comment on is the Photo - That is the one of the cutest photos I have ever seen - I could almost consider bestiality. Well maybe not, but still they are so gorgeous, I just want to wrap them up and bring them home.

Mark J said...

I was worried people would find the photo creepy - thanks for dispelling that fear Cian.

And as for family - I believe family is what we make - be it our friends, lovers or whatever. Genetics need not apply :)

Cian said...

I'm sure that Niamh will find it creepy - just to be contrary of course.

Do you know what, excellent point about genetics and it is so true...