Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I couldnt leave you hanging.

I was having a discussion with a friend in the weekend. I love conversations that go into uncharted area, even if they get dark sometimes.

We started to talk about his "down days", and how his friends pulled him through.
I wondered aloud if depression was something that happened to people who lived outside the moments of their lives, as apposed to those who effectively lived in "the now". We discussed this at length, and is often the case with thinking and talking, answers did not necessary follow.

I understand that there are many reasons for depression, and that trying to look for a simple reason is folly; yet just talking about it was refreshing, and a lot better than all that avoidance and brushing it all under the carpet we men often do best !

We may not be as stoic as those who came before us, yet I wonder if we aren't better off for exactly the same reason.

Stick with me, better posts are on the way* :)

*Results are not typical.

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