Sunday, March 07, 2010

True story

In a previous life I lived in a small village in the south of France.

Summers came and went. The pace of life was glacial.

One spring day I put my tanned arm outside my window, and moved my hand as the wind blew between my fingers. It was divine.

Nothing ever seemed to happen. It was magic.


Cian said...

Well I'm tempted to say that the next time you are living your past life and you put your arm out the window I hope an arctic truck comes along and rips it out of its socket. But that of course would be cruel. I'm also a very passive person so that does not fit in with me either.

But not as cruel as listening to Without Gravity. I'll need to wash my ears out with BLEACH. The headphones have given up the ghost. Thankfully the computer has not died but perhaps it is waiting for me to vent before I get the mac equivalent of a blue-screen of death.

I love Iceland (been there three times), love their music (now 99% of the time), landscape, people etc. But this crowd - they remind me of Damien Rice and let's be honest that can't be a good thing. I just want to slap them.

But perhaps the biggest crime of all are the Waterfalls in the video. I wish that they were Icelandic Waterfalls because they are truly amazing. I mean I have been to Toronto three times and I have never seen Niagara Falls - I mean why bother when you have seen far cooler (ok - and without the tourists too!)

p.s. Honestly though thanks for sharing :-) Mac, Headphones and Ears are fine. Hope Summer is being good to you.

p.p.s. Getting a bit excited about returning to the South Island for a visit in November. This time I so want to find fiordland crested penguins (they were all on vacation last time I was there)

Mark J said...

I'd just finished watching "The Grocers Son" and was caught up in the moment. In actual fact I didnt exactly watch the Youtube video - it was is the background as I whimsically typed away.
Didn't think the music was too insipid, but since Deadlyjelly's departure my life has been lacking in smart rebuke - your "arctic arm ripping" remark made me laugh out loud - most appreciated :)

Cian said...

Well if you did not see the video - that explains a lot. I can understand you getting carried away in the moment. Perhaps it was the sensory overload (music and video) which pushed me over the edge. Sometime I might just give the film a go and will return to listen to the song again. I might see it in a different light.

I love French films as long as they are sad and depressing. I do not see the point otherwise. I mean the worst French film for me was Amelie - I just wanted to slap her (honestly I do not have a slapping fetish) and say to her "Welcome to the Real World".

The Irish are great for 2 things - 1. Sarcasm and 2. Feeling Guilt. Most of us are fairly good for making tea too. Shame on Deadlyjelly's departure! Hopefully your smart rebuking ability will return shortly. Maybe it shall be stronger from the short break.

Went to see Alice in Wonderland last night. I'm off to find my rabbit hole now.

Mark J said...

I heard Alice was horrid in 3D but quite possibly brilliant in 2D. Go figure.

Have you by any chance watched the TV show "Skins" ?
Ive watched the first two seasons over a week and am currently experiencing a profound feeling of loss now it's all over...

More gist for the mill I'm afraid :)

Cian said...

I thought that it was great in 3D-land. I could (nearly) go watch it again just to hear Helena Bonham Carter go "Off with their heads!" just one more time. I really loved her in it. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. I so want to attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Yeah - never watched Skins apart from the odd clip here and there. Always meant to give it a go, but never really got around to it. Okay - adding to my amazon wishlist now.

Deadlyjelly said...

"Nothing ever seemed to happen. It was magic."

Sounds boring.


Mark J said...

Cian did this soooo much better !
You've got soft down there in that there South Island !