Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memories, light the corners of my mind

Well maybe not exactly.

Mum - skip this, you wont like it.


Cian said...

Memories indeed! Watching Katee Sackhoff (what a name) in Nip Tuck at the moment and loving her. Also watching her in 24 at the mo, but not loving her or the series that much.

Love the way you tell Mum to skip it as she won't like it. Personally I think all mothers should watch it to see Jamie Bamber, but then again there is not enough of him in it to make it worthwhile...

Mark J said...

I have to jump in here quickly to proclaim my extreme admiration of all things Starbuck (before DreadfulJelly spills the beans).

Although I haven't watched her in Nip Tuck or 24 - I will always fondly remember her Battlestar scene chewing brilliance.

Starbuck rocks !

Mark J said...

Love Baltar at the end too, swiveling on the chair in a daze.

Did you watch the series by any chance Cian?

Cian said...

I should point out, as per Deadlyjelly, I am using my own dialect. Syfy! I do feel that the letter 'y' is under utilized in the English language. I mean for most people it is all about the I as in I myself.