Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pop psychology: The secret to truly moving on.

This just in.

1) Acceptance - accept that nothing in the past can be changed.

2) Forgiveness - Forgive yourself and others for past actions

3) Gratitude - Be truly grateful for what you have, and what surrounds you.

Two out of three isn't enough supposedly.

If any of you score 100% let me know if this works for you. :)


Deadlyjelly said...

Contrary to Meatloaf's specific brand of platitude, two out of three is SHIT. It's terrible odds! If you were diagnosed with rectal cancer and given a 66.6% chance of survival, you'd be firing your doctor, suing him for emotional trauma, and getting a second opinion.

So which one are you struggling with? Hmm. So I would guess 3, but secretly think 1.

Me, I totally flunk 2. This positively affects my quality of life, since planning fitting, imaginative, macarbe and ghastly revenges keeps me entertained.


Mark J said...

2 may also be my nemesis

Deadlyjelly said...


You are a buncha surprises.


Mark J said...

We should so plot our revenge together - all my best plans involve heaps of irony, but I'm always looking to improve on the execution :)