Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dendrite dilemma

It turns out, that when we're born, our brains are only wired for basic autonomic functions, designed to keep us alive. As we develop and do stuff, pathways develop in our brain. These neural pathways are created by Dendrites and get "stronger" with repeated use over time.

The really cool thing about these pathways, is that we are continually developing them. We still have the ability to great new skills; with time and effort those pathways can be strengthened to the point that they can become second nature, involving little or no conscious effort.

Equally gratifying is the fact that unused mental pathways can erode and wither - I'm not sure if the connection are ever truly broken, but most times we do have to partially relearn the skills....perhaps like riding a bike again as an adult...

I guess what I'm saying is that by accentuating the good, and eliminating the bad, there's still time for a much healthier balanced brain. It's a nice thought to think that with consistent effort we could all be much happier - eventually without even working so hard to make it so. :)

My only concern is that recently I've remembered some of my dreams - bizarre as they are I'm thinking that if my dreams are creating dendrite connections, I'm in for an awful lot of trouble...

Still - best not think about that eh :)

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