Monday, March 29, 2010


The weirdest thing - last week work was far to hectic for me to slip off to the gym at lunchtime. I was pissed.

Saturday I rode my mountain bike to the mall and managed a spectacular crash avoiding a jogger on the way home.

Sunday, aching all over, I got back on the "horse" again and didn't fall off...

Monday I slipped out from the office and embarked on my new arm/shoulder killing workout. After work I went for a cycle after work to unwind.

The weird thing - this isn't me - at all. I wonder if the pod people ever knew they were pod people?

Sidebar: My couch is filing for irreconcilable differences, and I still feel fat.

1 comment:

Deadlyjelly said...

SO impressed, good on ya!

And you look great but don't stand sideways or you'll disappear.