Monday, March 22, 2010

20 Questions about privacy

I wonder how much is enough.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick, and missed out on a team building day. This was unfortunate - not because I missed out on a kayak down a slow flowing river, but because it provided my team an opportunity to discuss my love life.

To this day I don't understand what right people have to try and shape another life in their image of their twisted world. We all know someone who asks;

"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"When are you getting Engaged?"
"When are you getting Married?"
"When are you having Children?"

I assume it eventually stops - I mean how many times do you get;

"When are you planning on on dying?"

I wonder why this sort of thing irritates me so?
Is it because I want to be firmly in control of my own destiny?
Is it because I'm a very private person, who likes to keep some distance between their work and social lives?

I know what I like. I know what I want. I'm capable. I'm able.
But for right now - more importantly I'm pretty damn happy.

Except when my boss sends me an email today; addressed to me and a friend of hers it was entitled "Putting you two in touch...."

So maybe I'm not so much angry; maybe instead just a little sad.



Di said...

But ... what if she's hot, intelligent, loves red wine, cooks amazing food, adores you?

But yeah, okay. Maybe I'd be pissed off too but possibly only after the intro didn't work out.

I mean what if was some hot French guy they were sending me, just because they knew I was intelligent enough and likely to appeal.

Oh....the what if dilemma.
I think I've done it all for you now.

Mark J said...

You may be a breath of fresh air luv - but frankly where I am right now - still stinks:)

Cian said...

Re: boss sends me an email today; addressed to me and a friend of hers it was entitled "Putting you two in touch...."

I can't believe that sort of thing still happens. That is actually scary if you ask me.

I think your answer (well actually I shouldn't push my answer on you, so it would be my answer) to the marriage question should be - I'm not, I'm actually a Lesbian. I am sure that they will be confused for a minute or two and then decide not to ask again.

I knew a person once who when asked the child question for the millionth time responsed with "I can't actually have children, so I would prefer if you did not ask that question again as it upsets me"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should be a bit flattered and embarrassed. I think it really means your boss would go for you if she could, but since she can't she thinks it best if you hook up with someone she judges to be of equal quality.
(The judging being the part you hate).
I come up with this scenario because if I could, I would, except I have already possibly mentioned that I am unattractive, satisfactorily married with three children and living on a far off continent.


Mark J said...

Unattractive resides under the skin ca, never on top. :)

Thanks for your comments - it's always good to hear from you.

Mark J said...

Cian - most of my friends up here in Auckland are lesbians - I'm not kidding.
I could easily consider the lesbian lifestyle, as they are absolutely lovely :).

When I was losing my hair as a young adult I would often get obtuse relatives proclaiming this very obvious fact to me every time we met - just once I wish I had the courage to quietly say "Chemo does that". Of course this would be belittling the poor souls actually undertaking cancer treatment so I said nothing...

Cian said...

I'm with you. I could never say things like that either. I have been going rather grey since I was about 19. Now it does not bother me at all, but the amount of times I meet female relatives who go - "Oh look you're still getting greyer" and they say this every time. How about an ounce of sensitivity people!

Mark J said...

Grey can be distinguished Cian - Moby lookalikes much less so. :)

These days I've embraced it - its a part of who I am, I have no doubt I am a different person through all of this (especially as it started earlier in my life).
Given I'm happy with my lot (give or take a little) I cant complain about the journey so much.

Cian said...

You have just reminded me of the sadest video ever - "In this World"

I have just watched it again and now I feel totally depressed :-) I would love to have met the Aliens and helped them on their quest. I feel so bad for them.

There are a lot of people who would not throw Moby out of bed for eating crips...

Deadlyjelly said...

But the flipside to intrusive unsensitive commentary, is you also get people saying, "Wow! MarkJ have you lost weight? You're actually . . . really . . . hot. I think . . . I want you. Good god, I want you right here, right now, sexy sexy manhunk! Rrreow!"

So that must be fun.


Mark J said...

Shaw (God luv ya) I may be a lot of things to a lot of people - but sexy just aint one of them. Actually manhunk is another... and dont even get me started on hot. Three strikes - you're out! :)

Deadlyjelly said...

Hey - somebody thinks Meryl Streep is sexy. Or maybe he just married her for her money. Or her method. Ok, sorry.