Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life in New Zealand

Ducks crossing Palmerston road cause accident

4:40PM Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

A mallard duck that led her ducklings into the path of an oncoming car is thought to have been the cause of a two-car smash in Palmerston North.

The ducks crossed Centennial Drive about 9.15am yesterday, causing a car to swerve into an oncoming Honda Odyssey van, the Manawatu Standard reported.

The impact rolled the van and sent it spinning sideways down the road, with the male driver escaping out of the driver's side window.

Both drivers were unhurt. The duck is also believed to have been unscathed.

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Mark J said...

I know it's probably wrong, but if some people would swerve to miss a duck and its young - even at great personal risk, there is a hope for this world.